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[quote=Anonymous]John Jay very good - yes, unbeatable -no.

They have talent but need all the other intangibles to come together to realize their full potential -

Leadership,intensity,coaching etc. will make the difference between another very good JJ team and a great one.

John Jay will represent Westchester this year.

very good talent, just way too soft to really compete

with the very top teams. [/quote

Soft is right and it comes from the parents, a perfect example is the 7v7 tournament in November. An otherwise great game of Ridgefield vs John Jay 2022 was ruined by JJ parents. At the end, a JJ player was pushed down by a Ridgefield kid half his size, a legitimate penalty but the parents of the JJ kid ran onto the field cursing and yelling at the referee, Ridgefield players, coach, and parents...really horrible. That is softness...when was the last time you saw a Town parent run on the field for a push?? Huskers will roll them in april!!