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Eclipse dad, I think you may be a bit blinded by the beautiful landscaping in New Canaan. In my opinion - In 2019, Chargers are a shell of their former self. Eclipse is a good team but not even close to Express North. I wouldn't go pounding your chest about tying LIE B team, beating Laxucheuttes C team and winning 5-4 over a team thrown together for the tournament(Team 11). Eclipse are similiar to Predators at 2019. Some elite players, some good players with great coaching. In 2018 - Prime Time and Express North are superior. In 2017, Eclipse and Predators are best of bunch in CT and Westchester. Good luck to everyone this weekend in PA, MA and MD.

Prime Time came in 3rd in Ma and you're calling them superior. You are giving the teams that beat them to much credit. LB3 where are they from? and Outlaws are they strictly LI kids? or does Select mean they are pulling from all over the eastern seaboard like the rest do? Chargers a shell? I am sure they will have some players back every once in a while. For now lets just Say EN, then leave some room for everyone else; Eclipse, Predators (since they dint lose this weekend) then Prime-Time.

Predators 2017 didn't they have some talented 2018 on it? Are they a Jersey Rockland group? 2017 eclipse do they have "older" players?

A good question might be when will Westchester have an elite tournament or showcase, then and only then will you show the rest of the areas you have multiple elite teams and can be a hot bed.

for the record not saying you're not a hot bed just hate the turnpike. Wouldn't mind a trip to Westchester instead