[quote=Anonymous]So which WSYL team is looking better after tryouts? Express North, Primetime, Eclipse, 2Way or Predators (not sure if the Predators are trying to qualify)? Are there any other teams from the Westchester or Fairfield area attempting to go to the WSYL?

Not sure anyone can know if team is better after tryouts yet. Suspect every team thinks they picked up more talent. Practices just started. Until you see players or new lineups in real games, its all speculation.

Think all those teams gunning for WSYL. Good for them. New for Preds and 2Way but in the past they claimed they would attend. If smart, they'd lobby to have a region separate from LI because only PT is likely going to qualify when you add 91, Express, Igloo, etc. to the pool. Maybe WSYL increases acceptance numbers for this area. Lucky Laxachusetts doesnt participate (only because their 7th grade teams are always too old for WSYL). Still good for kids to play vs other top teams. it's a good experience to attend qualifiers IMO.

Unsure how all 2023 club teams handle players on roster too old for WSYL. PT must do it right. It caused problems from experience when club did not think it out early enough and share info. Good teams already know their U13 roster right now and have that team train and play games together separate from 2023 team. Smart teams make a special WSYL U13 squad made up mostly of their 2023 team and fill in with some of the best holdback 2024 players. But holdbacks were playing and practicing on my kids team right up until qualifiers-- bad for planning and chemistry. Club stupidly thought it would just have holdbacks do everything but not play in qualifiers and that would not disrupt the U13 team. Team at WSYL qualifier needed fall-winter-spring season together. Holdbacks not allowed in WSYL roster were some of best players and took away from team prep when it counted. Club didn't want to exclude the holdbacks from much for fear of losing top players and $ even though parents and kids knew they were too old for WSYL.

Clubs doing WSYL for the first time always a step behind in planning. Don't focus on team chemistry and roles. Takes a lesson for them to get it right or realize comp is too tough. Couple squads each year lose each game 12-1. Tough lesson.