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The holdback issue came full circle this weekend. The LI Express 2019 team beat the Ed*e team from Canada and it wasn't very close. They played dirty after being down 3-4 goals early and were never in the game. But, what stood out to me was how some of these kids used to be so physically imposing and were now just cheap shot artists who could no longer compete with kids who have caught up in development. Yes, they are still a year or two older but it doesn't matter anymore. No one needs to wonder why programs like Hopkins have been struggling, they have been recruiting kids like these and hoping it works out. The JH commit was hitting kids late and futility slashing. The kids said their coach apologized after the game for the cheap shots but regardless, the page has turned on that team. The result of playing against younger kids is standing out in the short term, so I guess until colleges stop recruiting so early, this will continue.

LIE North, not LIE.