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Hoping one day the Westchester clubs actually play one another.

Realize much of the attention goes to 2017-2020, but for those of us with younger kids, the jungle of clubs proclaiming how "elite" they are is comical.

PT, Preds, Express North, 3D Tri-State, Eclipse, Dynasty, Superstar, Ballers, 2Way, 91 North should compete locally rather than paying high fees and journeying to LI or PA for the experience. Seems club directors fear parents will question their programs if they lose to local rival. So all avoid one another to play it safe.

Agreed. Clubs like playing teams from other regions because these teams are not in competition with each other for kids. Almost no one from Pleasantville is going to say "my kid will play for LI Outlaws next year because they looked real good when we played them." But they might move from PT to Express North. Another factor not mentioned is that some of these clubs are really just regional chapters of larger clubs that run their own tournaments on LI and elsewhere. So these clubs are required (I assume) to attend these tournaments, where a "true" fee is not paid, only an accounting one is.