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Another stupid, uniformed post. Primetime and John Jay are not connected. Primetime is a business run by a former John Jay player and they take the best players, does not matter if you play for John Jay. I'm guessing your kid was cut by them....there are so many options for kids of all ages; Superstar, American Lax Academy, House of Sports, Team 91, Express North, Warriors, Brewster Sports Center, Danbury Sports...and the list goes on.
Quote " when a childs only instructional option outside the town season is Primetime, it makes it harder to build that foundation"
Well if that is the case it is a lazy parents fault, I just listed all of the above options and I'm sure I forgot some.
Another post from a C level parent that is bitter towards the world because his kid can't make an A team or a team like Primetime or Express.....May be time to move on to Choir or some non-athletic activity or just suck it up and play at the B/C level where your kid belongs.

Man that is angry. I'm not the one that made the post you are criticizing but I'm thinking you need some medication. I didn't think the JJ post was as critical as you read it but even if it is I think you are a bit too caught up in your own son's lacrosse prowess. If you have a son that is an A,B or C player and think that alone is going to define where they end up in life, I just feel bad for you. Most of the kids accepted to Princeton will not be athletes.