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You are pathetic! Exploiting kids for money? Do you realize how many kids actually get money for college just for lacrosse?? Hardly anyone. AND...most private schools strongly encourage kids to repeat when going to their school for developmental purposes which has nothing to do with sports. Maybe you don't know how private schools work. Stop being jealous, if you kid isn't good enough to play with kids a year older then he probably just isn't good enough to get recruited or play at a high level, there are plenty of other teams for you. Go out and have fun. So tired of listening to all the whining about hold backs, re classed kids etc

George Carlin: "What kind of empty people need to validate themselves through the achievements of their children"[/quote]

Well said. This is all driven by the parents. Yeah, I get the days of riding your bike to practice on your own are gone. And so are the days of just playing in someone's backyard but we are at the point we parents are overly engaged. I hear stories of parents taking their kid to the field and standing over them while they practice. Parents who live right near the team's practice field don't drop their kid off. They sit and watch for 2 hours and have social time with the other nutty parents who can't leave and they chatter about the "weak players" on the team. So pathetic. [/quote]

Advice for parents: please don't tell me weekly how hard little Johnny worked on his game, please don't coach Little Johnny at water breaks during practice, please don't call out to players during games-cheer, do not instruct, try not to call out your sons name every time he touches the ball (its a team sport), try not to throw a sideline party when your son does something good and remain stoic the rest of the game (everyone notices and you really look like a jerk, team sport), congratulate the team on their effort after every game, please don't huddle up with your son for 30 minutes after each game at tournaments, let him spend time with teammates. Enjoy the games and cheer for the team, everyone will have a better experience.