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Unique? Here's one I heard from a parent who's son is with the club program at an older age group: Guest players showing for a tournament , then the coach asks the kids who start on the team to give the guest players their jerseys because the guests are now starting over them. And to top it off, I was told the guest players added no value.

Loyalty- zero, confidence in team= zero, wimp move= 100%

Sheltered? You were probably the kid growing up that was forced to brush your teeth with elmers glue and told it was toothpaste and good for you.

Your a moron and desperate if you think that's OK when a team is not down players and just brings in guests.

If your son's team brings in guest players when they don't NEED a kid here or there to cover some sort of numbers issue and you don't leave that team at your first legitimate opportunity - you really only have yourself to blame. If they asked kids to give up their jerseys to guests and you didn't quit that day - I simply can't understand why not. Maybe not make a scene and storm off, but my God - why would you ever go back? Sorry - I know switching teams can be a real pain but...

My kids have "helped" other teams at certain Tournaments. First question as a parent of an invited guest player should always be - "will he be taking time away from any of your kids or are you really that tight for kids?" Obviously, by being there, your son is taking some minutes, but if he is player 18+/- there's plenty of run for everyone. If greater than that #+/-, he is "taking minutes" and they weren't in need of anything - they just wanted to have a few stronger players. It's pretty obvious if they were telling the truth about it. Integrity is a [lacrosse] folks and it cuts both ways. Programs should have it - parents should too.