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2023 Rankings

1. Primetime
2. Preds
3. Express North
4. Eclipse
5. 2-Way
6. Express North Brameier
7. Preds B
8. 91 TS
8. Everyone else

2-Way keeps losing ans does now defunct Rhino. Suddenly TS 91 starting to win some mid level games. 3 of Top 4 in action this week at NLF. Put Express North B at 6 simply because everyone else is losing and they've won a bunch lately. Probably will change this week.

1. Primetime
2. Express North
3. Eclipse
4. Preds
5. 2-Way
6. 91 TS
7. Who knows

With tryouts this week and next, get ready for some real roster moves. Happens after WSYL when good kids on teams who failed to qualify look across the fence and see green grass. Is Rhino dead? Then more players on the market.