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I was trying to give 2Way benefit of a doubt but i have no problem putting them 5 as that's probabaly where they ought to be.

1. Primetime
2. Preds
3. Express North
4. Eclipse
5. 2-Way
6. Rhino
7. Lonewolf
8. Rest

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IMO 2023 Rankings

2024 Rankings
1. Eclipse
2. PrimeTime
3. 2-Way
4. Express North
5. Preds
6. loneWolf
7. Rhino
8. All others

Can bump up the 2024 Preds to #3. All this chatter about Preds doing well isn't just talk. That program has been charging hard, winning, getting coverage, and getting the better players. Not saying better than PT but their model has them pushing past Eclipse, 2Way, Express North cleanly. By the time their 2023 WSYL team is in middle of HS, they will be the top.