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Colsey is a Hall of Famer. Reached his potential as a player and wants the same out of kids he coaches. He coached my kids and I never cared if he talked to me or if he was stern w/my kids. I am a blue collar guy so maybe that’s why it’s ok w/me. I’m not a fan of the way the sport has changed to favor the white collar crowd (price of travel clubs and reclassified kids) so to see a blue collar type of guy coaching is fine w/me.

My son played 2 years for Colsey at RHS and 4 years at Superstar. Its really very simple, Colsey wants things done his way because he's had success doing things that way. I'm the same way with my business. But, what people really hated was the fact that they felt obligated to play summer lacrosse for Superstars, speaking as a Ridgefield resident. I know the people of Yorktown feel the same way about the Baller summer lacrosse program run by their head coach. No one should use tacit coercion to make money from kids. I know many of us in Ridgefield resented Colsey for putting us in that position. Bottomline, I think he's a great coach and mentor once you get past the bluster.