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Between LIENorth, PT, Preds, 2way, and any others... can we compare practice/tourney schedules?

Keep in same format for easy comparison

Predators (2025):
Fall: 6-7 1.5hr practices; 2 Tourneys
Winter: 7-8 1.5hr skill practices; No Tourneys
Spring: 10 1.5hr practices (2/week); 3 Tourneys

Prime Time:
Fall 4 2hrs practices: 1 Tourney
Winter 12 1.5 hrs skills practices: No Tourneys
Summer 18 practices and 4 Tourneys

Awesome, wanted to clarify a couple things so made a change. Note age group, if it makes a difference. Older groups at Predators may have one more tourney during the fall and 1 or 2 more during the summer than younger age groups. Schedule across age groups though are generally the same.

Yes same with Prime Time. Older PT boys 2021 thru 2018 have a few more tourneys and showcases in the fall and summer. The above is for PT 2025 thru 2022 minus all the World Series extra practice and related tourneys for the 2022 team .