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Goalie was not the issue for JJ.

He played well against a good Yorktown team. He is a very talented kid that could start for most other teams in the County. Jay will need to look elsewhere for answers to their on going problem with Y town.

as stated on other sites a 1 goal loss is not a problem. it is just that, a loss.

okay each team had some mishaps but i have rarely seen a flawless game. We all wish we would but there needs to be a winner and loser.

Although i would love to know the infraction.

Infraction was tardiness. Coach stuck to his guns and benched his star goalie, kudos. If you think the goalie didn't factor into outcome, think again. But, JJ slowed the game down too soon, had a few horrible turnovers that resulted in goals and couldn't score in the second half. Looking forward to the rematch.