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I guess you were there??? The John Jay team had 3 outside players, two that play on PT the other for Eclipse....so what? JJ did not have enough players due to the holiday, who else is out there that they should have called that would make you happy??

What you failed to see was that both teams were having a ball, they are all friends and it was a great, competitive game! Why are you looking to cause trouble where there is none? Parents hugged each other afterward...,you're a jaxkass.

Way to put a bad spin on what was a fun day of lacrosse!

and so it begins, sure a fun day, love those, but if outsiders used it will be called out on here, try to justify it all you want...
just please try and keep the kids jersey numbers out of it, where they can be singled out.
Wait..next someone will come on here and suggest JJ8 had a PT holdback playing for them.

Gobbler Games has always been viewed as a fun first, second and third tournament. Sure its competitive but its between town teams. If its morphing into a win at all cost event, we won't be back. Yorktown Dad & organizer.