The holdback issue bleeds into alot.

But there are 2 forces that may work to help curb it: 1 is CONNY town travel league putting age restrictions in place and other is WSYL age restrictions if changed to Sept 1st.

The most notorious abusers of dropping a grade to kick [lacrosse] are the rich competitive types in Greenwich, New Canaan, Rye. These are the kids on PT and Eclipse and Brunswick rosters. Maybe when CONNY makes them play against kids their own age they will have to endure not being able to cheat a system anymore. Let's see all the holdback 7th graders kick butt when forced to play against 8th graders.

And if they dream of playing in Denver for WSYL, clubs have to change rosters because Billy the holdback who was born in August of 2003 can't be used on a 2022 roster despite the claim he is a 7th grader.

The culture of holdback won't stop but these are 2 good checks.