let me be clear- all those points above are valid however, i am focusing on the younger age teams. at some point middle school maybe, it makes sense to play club lacrosse if your end goal is college lacrosse. here is the dilemma i see in westchester right now , too many club teams, not enough "A" players. however programs like Primetime will take their 3/4 team down to long island and get demolished. its not as if we dont have the high quality players, we do, its just that we dont have as many. primetime 3/4 last year got beat something like 160 goals against 50 goals scored. that cannot possibly be a good experience for most players. if you have a quality town team, that is a big if, then why not keep those kids together for as long as possible, put them in the B brackets and let them have a chance at winning while also teaching them . no reason you still cant pay for higher level coaching