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i would love to see a coach or coaches capable of putting together 1 team im each grade level that can truly compete with long island, 2022 PT has done that , question for all the directors in westchester- how can you get the best 5 from each team and get them on one team, especially at the younger ages where it is more fragmented .

Not going to happen. Who is going to give up their kids? Anyway there are several Westchester teams that can already play at the highest levels: PT 2016, Preds 2017, LIENorth 2018. Now that there is a critical mass of teams in Westchester, I would love to see a tournament of local teams. But that too is not likely to happen since team owners are fearful of losing kids to winning teams. A tournament including PT, Preds, LIExpNorth, Eclipse, CTChargers and some others - how great would that be? We could stay in our own beds too.