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2way out of Brunswick seems to have top tier coaching. They might be a good location for kids as is 3D Tri State.

A resume does not equal top tier coaching. I have four sons, two have been through the club team system and are playing mid tier D1 (time flies!!). My younger two are playing club now and one conclusion we made a few years ago was forget the resume. My older boys were coached by a few guys who were stud players, had done some coaching but didn't teach them a thing and didn't stop yelling during games. Terrible experience. Their best coach was a guy who played D3 lax back in the day but loves the game and knows how to teach the kids the sport and ran VERY organized practices. Be open minded when considering a program and their coaches. Speak with parents or kids who have experienced the program. My youngest is coached by two guys that are passionate about the sport and the kids love playing for them. I have no idea nor do I care what their resume looks like. They know the game and how to teach the kids.