Wow such hate. I have a kid on the PT 2024 team. Roy is an excellent coach. He's not passing out orange slices out at half time - but he will tell your kid what and how to do something better.

For all of you following this - this is one irate parent who's kid got cut. Those of us from PT 2024 know who it is. Roy is not perfect - but I think its hard to argue his place as a player and a coach in the national lacrosse community. My kid is getting better. I hope he stays good enough to continue on this team - because this team did get better. You take the bottom 4 kids off the team and add 4 really good kids - that is better.

His kid is one of the better players on the team, he deserves to play more. If anything Roy is harder on him than others. If you don't want to be on this team you can leave - but my understanding is that NO one left PT 2024 on their own because of any of this BS. They may have been cut, but no one left on their own accord.

To the irate parent - stop making it personal - it's not - have your kid get better.