Private schools reclassify's a money thing having nothing to do with lacrosse or sports in general. It also happens to benefit the wealthy parents who feel the pathetic need to put their kid in Brunswick just to have him dominate on the lax field!

You can't blame Prime Time or Eclipse....blame all these college coaches that start poaching these boys at such an early age, blame all these 7/8th grade showcases that are really just money grabs, blame the Dad's that will do anything it takes....including spending $30-$40k a year in order to better his kids chance at playing in college.

A lot of pressure on these boys, why can't they just play, have fun, love the game and wherever they end up they end up!

There's no pot of gold at the end of the lacrosse rainbow, you play for the love of the game! That's what makes it so great!Yy