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John jay high school is an extension of their youth program. Over priced [lacrosse]. They take the best 5 kids per grade and that's it. Zero community spirit because those 5 best kids play for prime time or express north The bottom 5 play down in purchase for nine d 1 tri state. The model should be to keep these kids together from the beginning like yorktown and then they will start winning. Jjyl does a horrible job of recruiting new kids because they price people out with paid coaches when all these kids need is a dad to teach them to catch throw and cradle . Jj yl does nothing to keep the bottom 15 kids playing beyond the 2 month spring season. That comes from the top. Schurr is no where in sight - they offer a fall clinic which is fine and cheap. But. Beyond that , they are happy letting you pay every coach in the area for extra instruction . It's just sad. Yorktown Does it right.

The problem with John Jay is simple, itís the toxic entitled parents who post on this board and bad mouth JJHS, the youth program and the summer programs. They talk behind their backs because they do not have the backbone to say it to anyoneís face, they need to hide behind an anonymous post. Itís the same type of parents who ran the Savastanoís out of town, great guys and great coaches.

These parents are entitled trophy parents, always blaming someone else for their shortcomings. How dare you tell my kid he canít play on the best team in town, how dare you cut my kid from the summer team. These are parents that are not used to hearing no, they think money can buy anything. Well sorry, it canítÖ.they baby and control their children and then when they get to JJHS and their kid does not play, they complain to the AD and point fingers at everyone and degrade other kids behind their backs. Itís only going to get worse as the demographics are moving in that direction. Yorktown has the gritty determined kids and parents who support their program and work hard to win!