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Lost 2 All Americans including Sec 1 All Time leading scorer, a lock down D1 defensemen, most of their scoring save for 1 Jr Mid (UNC) and also lost another Jr D1 Pole to privates.

Very good FOGO, strong in net and good LSM will keep them in games and have a couple of mids but green on attack and D poles.

time will tell...

Yorktown also lost a ton of talent from the offense to graduation. Bronxville and Ytown meet up later in the season so we'll see where they shake out. I still think this could be John Jay's year to knock off Ytown. Do tryouts end tomorrow?

Tryouts are done chief, the team is picked. I guess we'll see if JJ is prepared to take the title belt from the champs. Huskers will be ready for the challenge.