The arms race among the local clubs to stage early tryouts on same weekend is going to create a weird situation. It does not benefit players/parents at all. It forces you to pick 1-2 teams to try to make without being able to evaluate options.

some thoughts on the younger (2024-2021) levels:
91 Tri-State will rely on the name but fight for talent ... not pulling best kids yet even with HOS/High Impact consolidation
Predators solid but younger teams start new and that'll be tough
2Way is the quiet name that is in a good spot since they started last fall with some solid squads ... likely just trying to improve in spots.
PrimeTime hurting ... terrible 2023 team and too much competition
LIExpress North had good summer and like 2Way just filling key spots
Eclipse is mainly New Canaan/Brunswick kids ... solid and building

M11, Greenwich, Topside around but don't have presence at normal tourneys