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IMO updated rankings 2023

1. Primetime
2. Eclipse
3. 2-Way
3. Express North
5. Preds
6. Rhino
7. Lone Wolf
8. Everyone else in Westchester/Fairfield(Swash,3D,91TS, others)

Unfortunately looks like most of us have some catching up to do regards to LI (except Primetime,Eclipse)
Nothing shocking happened in MD as North went 1-2 vs. very strong competition and Primetime made playoffs losing to strong Bethesda club.
Yale offered nothing new other than mild surprise Rhino stayed with 2-Way 5-2. Thought lower rung teams would show better.

2023 Preds solidly beat 2way. Your ranking doesn't make sense.

Preds up, 2Way down after this weekend.

1. PT
2. Eclipse
3. Preds
4. Express North (not sure which one is best or if they split up for top tourneys)
5. 2way
6. Rhino
7. everyone else