I still do not understand the fixation on a teams record in tournaments. Can someone please explain. A parents sole focus should be on the development of your child's skills, lacrosse IQ and fun factor. Why fixate on one program winning two more games this summer than another? Who really cares?

Is the coach knowledgeable and does he teach the game and specific position skills to the players? From my experience I've watch 3x All Americans teach my son absolutely nothing and berate players during games without actually coaching. I've conversely watched coaches spend 1/2 their time during games teaching on the fly and actually watching the players gain in knowledge from game to game. Its truly amazing the disparity in coaching. PLaying experience when Seinfeld was a hit TV show is not an indicator of a good coach. Attend practice and listen to your son--is he learning, is he inspired by the coach? Does the coach give a S@&^?

Its coaching 1st, 2nd, 3rd and where these guys played 20 years ago is 100% meaningless from my experience.