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You guys sound like you signed and are locked into a 6 year contract with PT. If your kid isn’t happy, move on to another program. If he’s not good enough, work to improve. He can change programs (but not parents). Too much sour grapes here and trashing coaches and kids.

I can’t speak for 2024, but my son and our experience with PT has been awesome. I’m not from the area so I knew nothing about the program going in. Does he and us lose friends when players are cut due to better talent trying out? Sadly Yes, but that’s what makes it s strong program.

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Thanks for mentioning that you played in college. As if that has any current relevance.

Oh there's a huge difference between PT and eclipse. Eclipse 24 moves the ball as a whole they have been developing that team to go to Denver for a long time. They are a machine. They kids on that time call out plays to each other.

PT totally one sided kids are not used to playing together and the dad coach runs it.