John jay high school is an extension of their youth program. Over priced [lacrosse]. They take the best 5 kids per grade and that's it. Zero community spirit because those 5 best kids play for prime time or express north The bottom 5 play down in purchase for nine d 1 tri state. The model should be to keep these kids together from the beginning like yorktown and then they will start winning. Jjyl does a horrible job of recruiting new kids because they price people out with paid coaches when all these kids need is a dad to teach them to catch throw and cradle . Jj yl does nothing to keep the bottom 15 kids playing beyond the 2 month spring season. That comes from the top. Schurr is no where in sight - they offer a fall clinic which is fine and cheap. But. Beyond that , they are happy letting you pay every coach in the area for extra instruction . It's just sad. Yorktown Does it right.