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Express north beat crabs and dukes this summer.

Express North 2019 beat Edge, Crabs, Sweetlax..... time to gel? They are a top 3 2019 team in the country.

Its because they actually play like a team, and not like a bunch of kids just showing off how good their "split dodge/shoot on the run" showcase game is to college coaches. Its kinda nice to watch. Having a few notable 16 yo hold-backs doesnt hurt either (altho their predominantly age-appropriate D is pretty damn good). The LIE-N draw was really weak this past weekend tho (not their fault).

After watching a number of games this weekend, the matchup I would like to see is LIE-N vs Laxachusetts. That Laxa team is just downright nasty.

.....and no, im not an express parent....actually my kid plays on one of the LIE-N "local competitors". I'm just secure enough about myself (and my son) to not be afraid to praise other teams. Our team didnt win all our games this weekend in Philly, but there were multiple high-level D1 coaches on the sideline of EVERY game we played. So if your kid played well in a game or two in Philly this weekend, I guarantee that at least a few coaches noticed, even if your team lost. And I think thats why we bother paying the $$ and schlepping to PA, right?