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Schreiber is running express north into the ground, people hate his ruthless personality and his win at all costs mentality. Screaming in the sidelines at his coaches, his players. People at the younger ages are running fast from him. Now he is diluting his talent pool with his bs Fairfield teams. Plenty of other programs to play at, I would avoid 2023 and younger

I think he is passionate about lacrosse and definitely old school which I think kids need more of. But my sense is that some of that passion for lax has been replaced with a bigger passion for money and he does not appear to be a great manager from a business stance. I get that it's a business and that your AA teams and who you place in college is your marketing tool but don't pound your chest that you want players at all levels to develop when the overall quality of the A level coaching and structure is so weak. I applaud his dedication to the game but think he may have very quickly lost his way.