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cut the [****] about WSYL being age appropriate this past year. Age appropriate for what. Look how they went back to 9/1 for next year. Just fess up freakin pathetic! and mine are in college and later stages of High School now. ??? is that an answer to 3 different posts or one wine spritzer too many?

Not a wine spritzer to many... A response to any comments saying WSYL is age appropriate for anything. They took a recognized date of 9/1 then moved it twice to an arbitrary date.

When you create or introduce a new cluster/environment/boundary you cannot make a general statement it is (age) appropriate. appropriate ( in this case age) is a term meant for established boundaries. You can't just define a boundary and say they are appropriate. You can work off a boundary as a beta test, but to recognize it as rule witout proper vetting, doesn't mean it is right