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stupid and uninformed? your on crack, lets look at the facts here - yes Prime time and John Jay youth are separate organizations. one is for profit, one is not- however they are essentially run by the same people, Daniello, Lupinacci , macmahon. all of the paid pt coaches are also the same ones coaching youth . my point regarding john jay youth is very simple- when a child is forced to seek additional instruction, he or she must pay a travel organization to get that instruction. that price is often a premium. other towns are offering additional training for a reasonable price which naturally attracts more kids given the nature of a multi sport athlete that plays more than one sport . john jay should be offering winter training, fogo, goaltending and they don't. if you want to build an empire, you need to have as many kids playing as possible for a reasonable price. it is that simple, other towns are doing it, jjyl is not . look at towns like Yorktown, garden city, Manhasset, they all try and keep the kids from the town playing together

My kid plays for the JJ youth program and your facts are simply wrong. As far as I know Lupinacci and macmahon don't run primtime only Daniello does so thats simply incorrect. And my kid did attend fogo training by JJ, they brought the lizards guy in to teach and it helped tremendously. I also understand they hold goalie training with one of the varsity coaches every week, I also just signed my kid up for the JJ fall clinics run by the varsity guys. Winter is run by parents at Brewster. There are many, many options for the kids, my kid also goes to Colsey's program every week to workk on box skills. Your facts are just flat out wrong, sounds like a disgruntled parent or former coach that was replaced by a superior paid coach.