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Found it interesting to see that Chargers moved their tryouts to Bridgeport and away from their traditional Darien location. Eclipse is having tryouts at Greens Farm not at a New Canaan location. Everyone is moving around. Primetime too.

Agreed: very few kids from Westchester go to Chargers anymore. I know of a couple who go to Eclipse.
Agreed: there is a north/south split with Predators drawing the best from the south (Bronxville, Pelham, Rye) and Express North and Primetime from north of I-287 and from Southwest CT, including Greewhich and Wilton. Primetime draws from a very wide area don't know about Express North.

Don't see any kids from Yorktown on any of these teams. They have the Ballers to play on, but I don't remember seeing them at any of the big tournaments. Has anyone else seen this team play anywhere? Where do they play?

There are Yorktown kids on Express North