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At this time I can't put Express North or Eclipse higher than 4, possibly a coin flip tie. PT, Eclipse, Express North split ex Chargers which seemed to slightly favor Express North and even them with Eclipse. Problem is Preds, 2-Way continue to improve and stay focused. Eclipse 22 is much stronger than 23 unfortunately as 24 Express North is much stronger than 23 Express North. Just a weaker year for those two teams. Rhino is close to those two teams but doesn't play any NLF type events so hard to gain. Below that I have to admit I don't see Swash/Lone Wolf/91TS,3dTS/Warriors doing much.
Maybe Kirialdy taking TP coaching job will help 91TS in future?

Makes sense and that's a good assessment. Are you a fan of the NLF events b/c I think they are over hyped and don't allow 'outsiders' in too much b/c if they lost, that would tarnish their reputation. Do you agree with me here?