It’s been one week since I looked atthis thread and it’s the same crap. . But for the record., BUD - 2 middis went to 2 way along with 1 attackman. 1 defenseman left for 2 way. But honestly who gives a flying F. Move on. Daddy coaches on any team at any sport is never a good thing. It doesn’t matter who, what, where It’s a common theme in youth athletics. And it’s a common theme it seems on every forum at every age group on this website. It’s youth sports Not every program is a good fit for every kid , coach or parent. Luckily every parent here has an option. To leave. Pt 24 happens to be a very tricky situation. You have kids that play box for Roy, kids who play field for Roy. Dads who coach box who’s kids play field for pt. You have coaches who’s kids play on pt older teams . Kids playing one or the other or both teams for free. Kids that play town for Daniello So you can see it could be massive conflicts of interest with no checks and balances. Anyone who says otherwise is just plain not being realistic.