IMO 2023 Rankings
1. Primetime
2. Preds
3. LI Express North
4. Eclipse
5. 2-Way
6. Lone Wolf, Rhino
8. 91 TS, 3d TS
10. Rest-ballers, Swash, Warriors

Primetime so far in front not even close. Preds solid 2 and surprsing Express North with strong tourney against top competition 3rd. Eclipse doesn't really play much so 4 by default as 2-Way struggling this season. Next tier teams both losing lots so they are farther back than expected especially Rhino. Rest seem to lose against lower level competition as season progresses.

2024 Rankings
1. PrimeTime
2. Express North
3. Preds
4. Eclipse
5. 2-Way

Top 3 are real close so changes almost weekly. Probably will be re-arranged based on next tourney.