Express North had two teams in the Legacy Columbus Day Tournament on Long Island. Their 2020 B (or as they call it single 'A') team and their 2023 team. Their 2020 B team went 0-3 and their 2023 team went 0-2-1. You can see it on tourney machine. Its too early to tell anything about LIENorth yet. The first tournament for their 2020-2022 teams is next week at the Halloween Havoc. We'll get a better feel for the caliber of middle school players in this organization during the next two weeks.

I think some expected this organization to be the second coming given the success of their 2018 team, but the 2018 team wasn't a product of LIENorth. It was started by Superstar and moved to LIENorth. Don't know the exact story behind it. Only time will tell. I wish them luck and hope they play some of the other Westchester/CT teams. We need more local tournaments/scrimmages.