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Express North 2021AA continues to disappoint. 0-4 at NLF this past weekend. You can hear the parent grumbling throughout Westchester.

I'm a LIE North parent at multiple age groups. We've been involved in more than a handful of clubs over the years and my sons have been guest players with others clubs. I am extremely pleased with LIE North vs other clubs and more importantly -- my sons are happy. They have had great experiences in practices, tournaments and their personal one on one connection with their coaches. Some of their teammates are probably lifelong friends that will visit each other at their D1 schools. smile

I was at the NLF *both days, both fields* this past weekend - aside from the usual parents with their pessimistic reputation that complain about everything - there was no serious grumbling going on as you are insinuating. Of course no one likes to walk away 0-4 from any tournament - but that's not cause to spread fake news.