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For 2023:
1. primetime
2. express north
3. eclipse
4. predators
5. twoway
then: Pride, CT Select, Rhino select, Topside, 81+10 tristate, 3D tristate, Ballers, Westchester Warriors, HOS

Big gap between 2023 PT and the north. PT beat up on the north this weekend at the lax clash 13 to 4 and beat them last week at the big h by 4 or 5 goals.

In the age groups I've seen at two LI tourneys, HOS got spanked in every game they played. These were both 'A' tourneys, so maybe they shouldn't have chosen those.

This "ranking" may be accurate but there are major levels between them. PT way up, then North and Eclipse on next level, then Preds and 2way on next level. Then, wow. There are so many "B" teams (or what Long Island considers C or D teams). Most of those teams are smart enough to stick to small tourneys like CT Cup or War Games to find similar competition but the ones that venture out of their element get slaughtered.