stupid and uninformed? your on crack, lets look at the facts here - yes Prime time and John Jay youth are separate organizations. one is for profit, one is not- however they are essentially run by the same people, Daniello, Lupinacci , macmahon. all of the paid pt coaches are also the same ones coaching youth . my point regarding john jay youth is very simple- when a child is forced to seek additional instruction, he or she must pay a travel organization to get that instruction. that price is often a premium. other towns are offering additional training for a reasonable price which naturally attracts more kids given the nature of a multi sport athlete that plays more than one sport . john jay should be offering winter training, fogo, goaltending and they don't. if you want to build an empire, you need to have as many kids playing as possible for a reasonable price. it is that simple, other towns are doing it, jjyl is not . look at towns like Yorktown, garden city, Manhasset, they all try and keep the kids from the town playing together