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Looks like all this talk of holdbacks and age restrictions isn't just talk. Posted on another thread. Nxt, 3D, Adrenaline all going to shift to age based. Very slowly of course. Not sure if it impacts beyond their club teams but must hit their tournaments, showcases, and stuff. This change is inevitable.


I do think that's a positive move but do question whether it will create two different worlds. You can envision a group that transitions to age segmentation and a group like those in the NLF who don't as a way of differentiating themselves.

I like the grandfathered approach, as it would really stink to see legitimate long standing teams broken up because there's a Sept 1st birthday ending with the wrong year.

I also hope there is continuity amongst all the clubs/tournament rules - half the fun at these tournaments is playing rivalry teams and I would hate to not play certain teams bc of their team age makeups.

This is a great move -- although once it's all even playing field with age - what would everyone gripe about here on BOTC? lol....