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My son was offered a spot on Express North 2021A. He played somewhere else last summer and it was not great. Recognizing that this is really a B team I am concerned about paying big money to find out that the team is horrendous. I don't need it to be AA ball but I need it not to suck. Any insight on that team?
From experience with North 2020 A, it will depend on the coaches, ours were a bit more rah rah than the intensity of the AA, which was fine for our team. I'm guessing will be playing in the more local tournaments of LI and Ct. and will be one of the better teams at those tournaments. Personally, wouldn't look at it as a B team, although it is the second team of Express North. The coaching is more 'adult' (age wise) than other Westchester programs. My son didn't make either AA or A this year, despite the cost Express North's reputation and talent is only getting stronger compared to other Northern Westchester programs