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IF YOUR GOAL IS TO PLAY college lacrosse at any level- it is no surprise that primetime, express north are geared toward that level of exposure , tristate, warriors, and town affiliated type programs can do the trick, but are not geared towards the best 10 players , in front of the best college s at the best tourneys etc. for now that is the way it is, although that is rapidly changing with the growth of new teams
You're absolutely right when it comes to Prime Time and Express. But it's also interesting to see how well Yorktown Ballers are placing their top players, while integrating mid level players which enables the High School to maintain it's dominance in Westchester. An interesting analysis I heard in the spring from a HS coach when Fox Lane was upset by Mahopac 2 years in a row, and John Jay not really competitive with Yorktown in recent years is part of the Prime Time Effect. (High Scoring Top recruits who are unable to play the team game when it matters most.) That being said , Prime Time does work really hard to get their players recruited which I guess in the end matters the most.