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Preds cleaned up down in PA obviously not the same competition in LI but a great win. PT had trouble against bandits, but had a good day.

Tourney Machine records many area teams this weekend. Results vary per class.

2025- 91Tristate almost won PA tourney (Preds there too)
2024- Preds did well in PA (91TS didn't at 0-3)
2023- PT played in Elite hardest tourney, lost 2 games to the top teams in country-- no other area team competed- telling. I assume post above is about this game- Preds won PA tourney beating Mesa who is legit. 91TS at same PA tourney (1-2).
2022- PT, Eclipse, Express, North, 2Way all at Elite tourney. All seemed to compete well except 2Way (0-3). Preds at IL Intitational and competed well.
2021- same as 2021's except Eclipse beat PT, all good records. 2Way won a game. Preds at IL tourney did well.
2020- Same as above except Express North beats PT. And no 2Way. Preds in IL do very well.

Younger teams are very random
Middle school teams all about Preds, PT
HS teams Preds, Eclipse, PT, Express North very solid, 2way full level below.

Where is 2023 2Way, Eclipse?

2022 Express north went 0-3. 30 players plus 4 goalies on the roster.$$$$$
@ API 2022 Fall 2018 L 1-10
11/04 @ 24/7 2022 Fall 2018 L 5-7
11/04 vs Juiced Cherries White 2022 Fall 2018 L1-7

This was the A team not the AA team, big roster but only 2 goalies were there and maybe 22 kids. Summer will be another story.