PT 2019 has played in the same tournaments this summer at the same level of play Express North 2019 AA and do play the same quality teams as Express North 2019 AA. Yes, results have been different, no argument there. But the schedule is not chosen, it is given to them, so you play who you have to. PT 2019 at Crab Feast had to play Express North 2019 AA to advance and they beat them, hands down, nothing more to be said. As said earlier, both teams have a lot of talent and play good lacrosse. I would be ignorant to say one team is better than other, but if you so choose to, the head to head match up is a nice indicator. This year PT 2019 beat Express North AA, last year the teams tied. So having said all that, I would concentrate on just enjoying the lacrosse being played this summer, as it is going by very quickly.