It's nice to use LI as a benchmark, especially considering its proximity, but people must be realistic. Especially as it regards depth, the best lacrosse in the world is played on LI. Using lax power as a reference, there are 401 HS teams in NYS playing lacrosse. 101 are on LI. Thats a full 25%. Much of that is within driving range of each other. And a much higher percentage of their youth are playing, which provides them with more of the top athletes. This all means that LI will field more and better club teams.

The Westchester club scene does not need to focus on forming super teams to beat the best from LI. There has been a recent growth in the amount of clubs and teams. In the short term, especially at the younger levels, you will see the talent spread maybe too thin. But this will get more kids playing, and will help improve the overall talent pool, which should grow the game and increase participation numbers over all. The spring town season is very short. More kids need to be getting reps in June and July and in the Fall. The kids will get better, depth will improve, and you will start seeing more deeply talented and better HS teams.

Also, the increase in Westchester clubs has also created room for talent to come in from nearby counties, since these areas do not have developed clubs for the most part.

And BTW, as someone who has been at numerous tournaments over multiple years, there are plenty of mediocre to poor LI teams. My kids have played and beaten them. And this is fine. Having more kids play more lacrosse is never a bad thing.