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Again, PT2021 won by 2 goals but was playing without 9 of their players! Are there hold backs? Yes, show me a team without them!
Express North 2021AA is a decent team and with a few more good players will be competitive with PT and Eclipse. PT beat Eclipse by 4 at Sweetlax.

ExpressNorth 2021A is a total joke though, I guess parents prefer A over B or C....as they write the check!

Show you a 2021AA team with out holdbacks? The LI Express 2021AA team. The team keeps beating teams with MANY holdbacks Laxachusetts, ADVNC San Fransisco.....physical maturity will come with time, how you guys can post on here proudly that "yeah, PT (or whoever) has holdbacks BUT....." give me a break. There is no shame in this sport anymore, what is that teaching the kids? I won't be forced to hold my son back because you people are so insecure and pathetic that you feel your kids must play against younger players to compete.