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Oh ... and which LI teams are the safe bet? I’m sure there’ll be 3 or so LI teams definitely, but please list the 6 teams (or even 4) you think are the ones so likely ...

These teams are in a different level than all westchester.
Warriors (91 B)
Nordic edge (igloo b)
Express B
These teams are on par with all westchester top teams. Primetime prob beats them all but close.


Bandits, Igloo, Express 3 guaranteed. Then all of their B teams mostly better than any other teams cuz of depth, familiarity, and program coaching. So that is 6 right there. Then perhaps S2S or TrueBlue if they enter. And who knows what a team like Legacy can do but their program knows what it takes to go to Denver.

PT likely squeaks in as a 5 or 6. Eclipse and Express North can likely hang in some games but won't make it. Preds, 2Way getting an experience but nothing more as they get tuned up by decent LI squads. Heck, Outlaws destroyed Preds last week and they are a LI B team.