LI Express North 2021 doesn't have any holdbacks that I'm aware of.
Does everyone else cheat? Where's the resident blowhard?[/quote]

There are absolutely reclassified kids. Maybe 3-5. They were Express 2020 last year and through the miracle of summer break and private school they are now 2021s. Abracadabra. [/quote]

I don't have a team roster for LIE north 2021, but I'm pretty sure you are misinformed. None this past summer and I don't think the team added 3-5 new players (all holdbacks). How are you so certain?[/quote] When I see kids who were on 2020 last year and then this year are trying out for 2021 I'm only guessing they've reclassified .... [/quote]

Misinformed. [/quote]

So holdbacks attended tryouts? And your conclusion is the LIE 2021 has a roster full of holdbacks. I know the parent group well after 3 seasons and I'm pretty sure there are no kids that should be playing in 2020. In fact, many kids are very young for 2021. Please climb down off your soap box and take your agenda with you.