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Sounds like you are talking about doing a 'post graduate' year rather than 'hold back'. I hope the new recruiting regulation will indeed delay those 're-class' situations into later years and away from the youth (pre-HS) game.

I think we both agree that re-classing should not be acceptable until after they kids are in HS at a minimum and likely not until after they are 16.

I don't agree. I think a kid should be able to re-class whenever he wants. Be a 13 year old in kindergarten for all I care. I just think youth lacrosse should be organized by age, not grade. It should not matter what grade or kid is in at school, or even if he goes to school at all.

2005 birth years play against 2005 birth years; 2004 birth years vs 2004 birth years, and so on (or Sept 1 2005- August 31, 2006, ect). Kids can repeat 8th grade 10 times. So what.

I think he meant reclassing within the confines of sports only. There will always be kids in grades outside the 'norm' for their age due to starting late and/or repeating a grade for academic and/or social developmental deficiency.