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2017 summer club season basically done. A lot of good posts here on how the team in age groups rank. Clubs seem to be realistic in what they are and where they are going. Do like how the club at least are doing their own tourneys now to draw games to the area and playing each other more.

PT, Eclipse, Express North on top level with PT clear #1.
Preds, 2Way are second shelf with good organizations but not trying to compete with top level.
Topside, Superstar, Chargers hard to peg but flounder around
Most 80+11 nothing special but trying
Ballers, Westchester Warriors, HOS, so bad kids must love lacrosse and parents hate money.

In any given age group, an outlying club team may be stronger or weaker. Like 80+11 Tristate has some teams that do OK and others that are awful.

I'm not sure I agree that PT is a "clear #1". Yes, they have a strong U13 team, and even their 2021 can compete with Eclipse 2021 (which is that club's strongest team), but beyond that, each grade varies among clubs in terms of strongest. I would argue that Eclipse 2021 is actually stronger and that Express North superior for 2019 and 2020.